Lynn Tallerico


 I have always been passionate about creating things.

I remember walking into the fabric store as a kid and getting lost in the colors and smell of the fabrics. I soon taught myself to sew and made a fabulous purple tie-front crop top. Next it was crocheting. I made all of my friends orange sparkly chokers, complete with googly eyes. My mother was quick to appreciate my new found talent and immediately redirected me into making a full size granny square blanket for my grandparents' 50th anniversary gift. Yes, forced child labor.

Fast forward to high school. I seized every opportunity I could to create. From designing a beautiful cream wool blazer and skirt set in Home Ec to designing and sewing an array of prom dresses for friends, the finishing touches of which were literally completed as the dates waited. From Halloween costumes to birthday gifts, there was always some "work in progress" splayed out on the floor. I threw a party one night while my parents were out of town. I remember everyone "Dancing to the Moonlight", while trying to avoid stepping on the patchwork quilt squares all lined up on the floor ready for assembly. At graduation I received the "Most Inspirational" award. I was a complete dork!

After leaving a lengthy "real" career as a CPA, I am mostly grown up now, although many of those crazy creative traits have stayed with me. I am never without a "project," painting, refinishing furniture, gardening, sewing pillows and of course experimenting with leather and design. I still love making gifts to give friends. I am still passionate about my family, my home and my community. And yes, I am still sometimes a dork. :)

I am proud of the business I have built hiring women from all backgrounds within my community, including interns from the local public high school. We are passionate about, and committed to, the products we create. Watching our collective growth is so rewarding!

We collaborate with our customers and boutique owners to create products that work for your real life. We use premium leather, sourced locally, we manufacture locally and sell at fair prices. Real handbags for real life. Manufacturing in the USA is by no means the most profitable way to go but I believe it is the right way to go.


Thanks to all of our customers and boutique owners for your fantastic support. You have big lives, great expectations and fabulous ideas. Thank you for your inspirations and input!